Echodrone: The Past or the Present

After more than an entire decade in the shadows, and six albums into their career, San Francisco's Echodrone sound firmer and more self-assured than ever. Having just released their sixth album, Past, Preset and Future, the spirited four-piece take their apparent love for the eighties and nineties dreampop and shoegaze, and through their own filters they distill that interesting combination of influences into an impressive new compound.

Echodrone demonstrate their exceptional knack for mixing the exact right amounts of reverb, haziness and ethereality into a quality blend that forms in a seamless way. Just like the album's title is deliberately designed to puzzle and mystify the listener, everything on Past, Preset and Future sounds well thought out, engaging and thoroughly executed.

The Past or the Present, the band's latest single off the new record is also one of the album's centerpiece's, and a great representation of Echodrone's effectiveness as one of the most unjustly overlooked shoegaze acts of the last few years.

The good looking clip that comes with the track draws its visuals from the USAF educational film Why Space from 1957, and it was edited by the band's own Eugene Suh.

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