No Middle Name: Sax For Melody

One year after the incredible full length that Fondness was, David Bailey returns as No Middle Name with a new single that pays homage to the indie/disco dancefloors, and was conceived on a dare by a friend who challenged NMN to make a track with a saxophone solo in it. The saxophone ended up being a MIDI sax keyboard sound and not an actual woodwind instrument, but it still resulted to something fun and effective.

Once again, David's storytelling is fascinating and really well crafted, as the song chronicles a night out at such an indie/disco place, and the encounter with a mysterious girl who wants to be in an indie band but she only plays the sax.

Sax For Melody comes with a distinct b-side, Love In Stereo Roses, whose backwards technique is intended as a tribute to the mighty Stone Roses, and is worth checking out for its indie-nineties exploratory character.

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