Nico and the Nights: Black Swell

Formed in Venice Beach in the fall of 2015, Nico and the Nights comprised by the two mysterious figures Nico Noctis and Tomorrow Night, wrote and recorded their dark rock 'n' roll debut album over the course of the last two years, and have released it in physical form as a limited edition cassette run made in collaboration with Lolipop Records.

The opening track, Black Swell, comes with a beautiful video, quite heavy in darkness and psychedelic visuals which match the duo's brooding writing and performance in total excellence.

Like the most perfectly aligned crossroad between the worlds of garage punk, gothic rock and psychedelia, Nico and the Nights' music sounds like it's been dropped on us like a bomb from another era, with its sharp heavy rocking wit and edginess coming out like a rare treat for tough times such as these.

The video for Black Swell is under three-minutes long, but certainly worthy of many repeats, while you can always help yourself to the slightly longer album version.

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