Trevor de Brauw: Uptown

One of post-rock's most innovative guitarists and a seminal figure in the genre's shaping (and bastardization with metal and extreme heaviness) is Trevor Shelley de Brauw, mostly known for his work with Pelican but also of RLYR, Let’s Pet and Chord among others.

Trevor has recently unleashed his debut solo album, Uptown, a dominantly instrumental assemblage of works which encapsulates the artist's deep sentimentality, his contemplative approach on songwriting and composition and the vagueness that lurks between the conformity of progressive rock and the unconventionality of ambient and experimental music.

You Were Sure, the only track that includes singing, is the one exception in the otherwise instrumental album that is Uptown, a multi-layered, textured, fragile and profound set of tracks that was ten years in the making and which unveils a different and intriguing side to de Brauw's already impressive background.

Listen to Uptown in its entirety right below...


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