Teen Divorce: Almost Heaven

Meet Teen Divorce, the hard working Jacksonville based trio with their self-recorded new EP and its exciting four tracks, on which the band's love and fascination for nineties' shoegaze, punk rock and sixties' soul come out strong and pure, also wistful and quite nostalgic.

It may sound familiar upon first listen, however, Teen Divorce's sound, comprised of the classic guitar-bass-drums formula, does not limit itself to the predictable nor the expected. Instead the band organically steps on other alternative rock territories, like pop-punk and grunge, blending some catchy hooks with their inclination towards the growth and development of their sound.

Revolving around the themes of "loss, love, and countless late nights,Almost Heaven is certainly an attention grabbing little EP that 's made out of the stuff great albums come to be; knack, exploration and apt use of influence and inspiration.

Almost Heaven is up for pay-what-you-want grabs on Bandcamp. Check out the player below and follow the links...

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