Toby Driver: Madonnawhore

With Kayo Dot's latest album, Plastic House on Base of Sky, still echoing among many end of year lists and playlists all over, its now only original member, New York's avant-garde multi-instrumentalist, Toby Driver is about to release a solo album via The Flenser.

Driver's new work is titled Madonnawhore and its due out April 21st. It has already sprung two singles which foretell how the upcoming album will differentiate itself from the experimentalism of Kayo Dot's latest releases, and lean towards more traditional structures.

The "madonna-whore complex" is a psychological neurosis first identified by Sigmund Freud, by which a man feels he can only love a woman who maintains a saint-like purity, but desires to be intimate with someone he considers to be debased. Although Madonnawhore is not fundamentally a concept album, it examines much of that theme.

Except from Kayo Dot and his solo material, since the mid-nineties you've heard the work of Toby Driver among the music of Maudlin Of The Well, Spoonion, Tartar Lamb, Vaura, as well as on his collaborations with Gregor Samsa, Pyramids and more.

Listen to both tracks that have been shared off the album so far right below...


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