Tender Glue: Hope Street

Originally born and raised in Poland, based in New York since 2002, Tom Gluewicki treats his Tender Glue moniker not as a person nor a band, but just as music made by an urge to create.

Last year Tender Glue released its first EP, Wait For Steady Light, on Bandcamp, followed a year layet by Steady Light, the first full length. Both releases are the result of Tom's several years of experience with home recordings and were composed with the use of minimal equipment.

With strong foundations in lo-fi and folk, Tender Glue's kind of indie rock does not coincide with what we usually hear in the genre as of late. Think of some dark, melancholic vibes drenched in heavy acoustic sounds or differently, moody singer-songwriter approach enhanced with devious post-punk elements.

Tom had to say this about Hope Street and its wonderful black-and-white video: "The inspiration of the song came from a personal experience with my job and many of the details originate from real scenarios, including the name of the street. The Hope Street video is a collaboration with an artist named Christian Haberkern. I reached out to him after I saw one of his videos and asked if I could use it for Hope Street. It’s interesting how the song gained deeper meaning with his video and how well it goes with the song."

Watch and listen below...

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