Krzyzis: Proto Amnesia

Polish-born, now Toronto-based composer, Krzysztof Borowski, produces experimental, dark ambient electronics under the name krzyzis. Proto Amnesia, krzyzis' latest offering is up on his Bandcamp page since November 4th and it's in all likelihood going to satisfy fans of the genre and beyond.

Borowski has a degree in Sciences, he began studying electronic music production at a young age, became involved in scientific research on sound and music in video games and previously operated as electronica composer, Reynard. His krzyzis endeavors go far as back as 2013 and include four releases which are available through Bandcamp.

Proto Amnesia is an enticing listen, built around the concept of the primordial deities found in Greek mythology, with each of the album's twelve tracks named after those entities whom people once use to praise. For most of its almost hour-long duration the album runs its peculiar ambience in a smooth dreamlike manner, however the bitter, harsher, more agonizing moments are not rare, instead they frequently sneak up on the listener, raising the tension and bringing balance between krzyzis' new age-like subtlety and his grim and sharp experimentation.

Begin a noisy, cinematic journey with krzyzis' latest via the player right below and work your way through his previous offerings that are also worth a spin...

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