Moon Panda: Waveless

San Diego's Moon Panda is a dreamy rock duo comprised of singer/bassist, Maddy Myers, and guitarist, Gustav Moltke. Their debut single, Waveless, accompanied by a charming music video, is out already and it sounds as enticing and winsome as the band's name.

Citing as influences acts such diverse as Bon Iver, Bjork, The Beach Boys and Beach House among others, Moon Panda embrace the sweet, melancholic qualities of their Californian background with an ethereal sound that wonderfully blends the vulnerability and dreaminess of dreampop music with the whimsicality and magnetism often found in post-rock. The duo, led by Maddy Myers' songwriting skills alongside her duties as vocalist and bassist, may not have produced much yet, however it's fairly obvious that Moon Panda's presence is not of the common kind and not too easy to categorize. Under the right circumstances, in little time it could be hard to top as well.

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