Black International: Shining Swords

Black International is a two-piece rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland, comprised of Stewart Allan (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Craig Peebles (drums, percussion). The band followed their 2012 debut, In Debt, with last year's A Lesson In Repression, off which the opening track, Shining Swords has just received the music video treatment.

Directed by Stuart Condy, the video flows more like a six-minute sci-fi/horror film rather than a plain music video, at times reminiscent of the work of John Carpenter, at others that of David Cronenberg, but constantly maintaining its DIY aesthetics, hence a strong sense of originality.

Shining Swords - the song, is a hell of a distorted post-punk rocker with garage rock boldness, which sounds somewhat like what you'd get if you were to put Lightning Bolt, DFA 1979 and The Hellacopters in a blender, and it's up on the band's Bandcamp for free grabs.

Watch and listen below...

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