Walk Me Home: An Animal

Walk Me Home is a project which originates from Boston, MA, now straddling between Boston and Hamilton, ON. Their first album, What Do You Think, has been a work in the making since the band's inception in late 2022. Recently unveiled, the six-song album exhibits the band's skillful fusion of noise rock, post punk, and slowcore, resulting in a moody and atmospheric sound.

An Animal is an emotionally charged and unconventional song characterized by layers of tension and unease, adding depth to its narrative. Themes of captivity, desire for freedom, and the challenge for individuality within restrictive contexts dominate the track, connecting layers of intrigue to its message.

The band describe the song: "An Animal is an incredibly very quiet and very loud dark and experimental noise-rock song about an overwhelmingly paralyzing sense of fear from the world around you...feeling like an animal thrashing and freezing up in a cage... the world watching...."

A dynamic and cathartic noise rocker with a dark proclivity and balances of chaos and clarity, An Animal, embodies the artistic intent of Walk Me Home.

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