Gold Dime: We Lose Again

We Lose Again is the third single from experimental art rock band Gold Dime's third album, No More Blue Skies. The album came out in late 2023 through No Gold, a new imprint from Angus Andrew from Liars. The song is a dark and nervy piece which comes with a well made, moody and cinematic visual, directed by Alyse Lamb.

Gold Dime make great use of a dark post punk aesthetic combined with atmospheric art rock. With its melancholic sound design and dramatic moments, the single evokes a sense of introspection and acceptance of life's unpredictability, and sounds like a brief and intimate avant-noir rock opera. Lyrically, it addresses regret, letting go of the past, and moving on.

Band leader, drummer and vocalist Andrya Ambro comments on the track: "The song, already full of its own cinematic wonder, was the perfect vehicle to spin a grotesque video narrative that's on the verge of a really bad dream.

The song serves as a compelling introduction to the entire album's thematic depth, its unpredictability and overarchingly artful approach which resonates through its moodiness, and stands out for its experimental makings.

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