Bedless Bones: Burying the Carnival

Bedless Bones is the Tallinn, Estonia based solo project of Kadri Sammel also of Deathsomnia. Burying The Carnival is an unreleased track which sees the light of day for the first time, and comes from the sessions of the album Bending The Iron Bough which came out in 2021.

The song's dark synthpop style and gothic elements create an engrossing atmosphere, and it sounds incredibly moody throughout. It sounds extremely intriguing and is characteristic of the poignant sound of Bedless Bones.

Burying The Carnival is full of strong symbolism and imagery altogether, and it's concept centers on death and the inevitable nature of destruction. It is about the cyclical nature of life, in which even the most powerful entities are susceptible to decay and ultimate demise.

Photo courtesy of Bedless Bones

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