THYMIAN: White Knuckled

On the new EP White Knuckled, darkwave artist THYMIAN delves deeper into his personal journey of self-therapy. Released by Young & Cold Records, the project's second EP serves as the much-anticipated follow-up to the debut album Rhythm of Doubt

Blending the timeless synthpop allure of Depeche Mode with the sharpness of contemporary bands like Molchat Doma, THYMIAN gives way to a nostalgic yet forward-looking exploration of new wave. The song exudes a melancholic yet vibrant sound, creating an overall intriguing atmosphere.

The title track of the EP is undoubtedly a highlight for the release. It was prompted by a terrifying event in which THYMIAN drove through the Gotthard road tunnel following months of extreme physical and mental fatigue. The car was filled with exhaust fumes when he discovered too late that the ventilation system was turned on. Panic struck as breathing grew harder and visibility worsened. After an emergency stop, the co-driver resumed control and eventually came out into the light at the end of the tunnel. Even after the panic passed, the fear persisted. The incident is artfully portrayed in a music video directed by Natascha Vavrina.

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