Snowcuffs: Uptown

Dreampop group Snowcuffs, based in Chicago, presents a rich sound which is anchored by contrasting guitars, mesmerizing synths, and enticing vocals. Snowcuffs emerges with an abundance of dynamics, drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary bands that have shaped the genre in its rich and fascinating path thus far. 

The band's vibrant sound is showcased by their debut single, Uptown, which starts off with a gentle jangly daze and builds into a much more intense and expansive piece of exciting shoegaze sounds.

In late 2022, Sarah Sterling and Neil Yodnane formed the band. Lead guitarist and synth player Neil first started writing songs during the pandemic and is one of the co-founding members of the Chicago shoegaze band Lightfoils. Bassist Sarah was once a touring member of the innovative shoegaze band Astrobrite. Mike Hoyt on drums and Weasel Elliot on guitar and synth soon joined them, and together they formed an ensemble which clicked musically right away. Following a protracted hunt for the ideal vocalist and songwriter, the group welcomed Stephanie Nikolas.

With vocals which are melancholic yet poignant and a lush instrumental base, the sound of Snowcuffs is wonderfully inviting and thrilling. As their first single amply demonstrates, the band's distinct style and engaging musical chemistry establish them as a promising new force in current dreampop.

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