The Shallows: White Sands

The Shallows is a band from Boston, founded by musicians Brad Emerson and Jason Keisch, who have played together in various popular local bands for years. When their Britpop/post punk band, Strangeways, disbanded in early 2019, they tried their hand at a different, moodier sound and creative approach. They completed their lineup with bassist Ben Didsbury and vocalist Jess Baggia (This Bliss, Man Trouble) and began to delve into the lush and atmospheric aspects of shoegaze and dreampop.

Their latest release, White Sands, is an enticing dreampop number based on ethereal vocals and expansive instrumentals. The song pays homage to the genre's foundations while feeling refreshingly new and dreamlike. Sharp guitar work contrast beautifully with the warm, inviting vocals, creating a compelling and melodic experience which is characteristic of the band's sound.

Photo courtesy of The Shallows

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