Ultramarine: Candeurs

Ultramarine is a Montreal-based band which blends alternative rock, dreampop and shoegaze in their overarchingly heavy music. Their discography thus far features a self-titled EP released in 2020, and the new 2024 EP, J’ai commenc√© par la fin en croyant sauver du temps.

Candeurs, a bold post rock track lasting nine minutes, makes for a standout moment on the latest EP. It begins with a shoegaze approach and transitions into a five-minute post metal instrumental epic, ending in an intense and noisy culmination. The track creates an engaging journey on its own, and serves as a perfect conclusion to the EP.

The song portrays the challenges of navigating inner strife, finding strength, and achieving clarity through the transparency of dreams and the marvel of nature. It exudes a cathartic sense of liberation and release, with personal struggle and introspection at its core. The expansive post rock energy evokes vivid imagery of nature, offering a means of escape.

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