MINDREADER, a quartet from Montreal, has distinctively distinguished itself with its first couple of singles, which have significantly shaped the band's musical identity. Rooted in moody post punk, they craft evocative narratives underscored by dynamic electronic beats reminiscent of the dark synthpop and darkwave scenes of the eighties. Their debut EP, Cope With Me, marks another step in their ongoing evolution.

The Kill and Parasite, the singles that paved the way for the band's emergence, maintain prominent positions within the EP's five-track entirety, serving as potent reminders of MINDREADER's impactful first appearance. The inclusion of these tracks alongside three additional ones underscores the band's consistency, and creates the engaging whole that is Cope With Me.

New track Leviathan arrives with a formidable intensity, characterized by its heavy use of synthesizers and propulsive energy, while its dynamic nature is emphasized by a bold and adventurous structure.

Soft Pull presents a fresh facet of the band's musicianship while staying true to their signature moody ambiance. It comes across as a provocative love ballad, delving into the raw complexities of relationships. According to the band, "the song serves as a reminder that enduring love isn't flawless, that it's about navigating challenges hand in hand, embracing inevitable pain, and consciously choosing to confront it together."

Outsider brings the EP to a memorable conclusion, exhibiting the band's more entrancing industrialized properties. The mesmeric instrumentals blend finely with the alluring vocals, creating a seductive atmosphere which leaves an unchanging impression.

Cope With Me arrives as a haunting tribute to the finest elements of synthwave and its origins, displaying the hallmarks of a band poised to navigate the genre's evolving landscape with finesse. Throughout the EP, MINDREADER maintains its underground post punk lifeblood, infusing each moment with an unfading blend of darkness and delicate romanticism. Whether MINDREADER choose to embrace more of their electronic or punk sides in the future, it remains to be seen, but their commencement with something truly prominent is undeniable.

Band photo by Vincent Mcgraw

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