Montreal based four-piece, MINDREADER, enters the scene with an impressive and memorable debut offering, The Kill, presented through both song and accompanying video. It's a first release which leaves a lasting impact due to its powerful musicality and the profound themes it explores. 

The song focuses on the narrative of a relationship which has faltered, traversing the intricate landscape of the narrator's mixed emotions. The lyrics emphasize the significant harm inflicted upon the individuals involved as well as the relationship itself, encapsulating a feeling of irreparable damage. The video enhances the storytelling with its visual elements, portraying the main character's fatigue from their counterpart's manipulative actions, ultimately culminating in a chilling act of disposal.

Musically, MINDREADER draws inspiration from contemporary synthpop, implementing new wave, and post punk sounds. This amalgamation results in a sound which comfortably resides within the somber and introspective facets of these genres, and appears absolutely promising for the band.

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