Gateway serves as the second single from IPANAZAR's forthcoming EP Skin Hunger, slated for release on May 23rd, 2024. The new track seamlessly merges elements of shoegaze and grunge, producing an alluring, slow-burning ambiance.

Fronted by somber and ethereal vocals, the song goes on a path driven by a bass-heavy, grungy foundation. With its hard-hitting nature being evident, Gateway also maintains an atmospheric psychedelic complexity.

The song progresses to build towards a climactic conclusion which exudes both nervousness and sentimentality in a bizarre, yet, intriguing manner. The energetic burst at the end amplifies its impact, offering a powerful ending to the band's creative vision.

Described by the band as their own interpretation of a 'pop' song, Gateway manages to retain its underground alternative roots while offering a refreshing take on current shoegaze and slowcore.

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