Julie Christmas: Supernatural

Julie Christmas has announced her long-awaited second solo album, Ridiculous and Full of Blood, marking her return as a solo artist since The Bad Wife from 2010. Set to release on June 14th, 2024 through Cult of Luna’s Red Crk label, the album features a great lineup including guitarist and vocalist Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna, drummer Chris Enriquez from Spotlights, bassist and producer Andrew Schneider whose credits include Cave In, KEN mode and Unsane, guitarist John LaMacchia from Candiria, and keyboardist Tom Tierney. 

Supernatural is the hard hitting new single which finds Julie Christmas in amazing creative form.

At 20 I said that I was going to be making noise until I opened my mouth and nothing came out but a croak and a thin trickle of blood,” Christmas comments. “Right now I’m stronger and LOUDER than I have ever been. This song was written to sing with people who listen and come to hear. Time doesn’t make you softer, it makes you harder. It also reminds you that you wouldn’t be here without the people you sing with.

I want people to hear the sad heroine, vile villains, dreamy characters at play, squalor, madness, longing, challenge, triumph, beauty, and love,” Christmas says of the entire album. “This story is a little different, it isn’t all fairytale. It speaks to how human nature defies categorisation. The kindest person commits immeasurable acts of cruelty, the monster loves their friend. We are all like that.

Ranging from her fascination with birds to her opinions on significant topics such as religion and warfare, Julie Christmas's upcoming album reflects the artist's distinct worldview. The album's title, Ridiculous and Full of Blood, playfully encapsulates Christmas' self-perception.

I’m not evolved enough as a human to hide the way I feel. It’s all in there. Music is the place to put it all so you don’t explode. If you are throwing yourself into life it can and should get wild!” she explains.

Despite the 14-year gap since The Bad Wife, everything suggests that Julie Christmas' upcoming release is very well worth the wait.

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