Vægtløs: Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst

Tackling themes of loss, grief, terminal illness, and broad vulnerability in the face of life's hardships, Danish post rock band Vaegtløs released their excellent album Aftryk through 46 different record labels worldwide. The entire album sounds quite immersive and is brimming with sentimentalism and fragility.

The final track on the four-track full length, Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst, which translates to 'Take your broken heart and make it into art,' is an ideal instance of how Vægtløs expertly incorporate post hardcore influences into their sound, culminating in a jaw-dropping conclusion which wonderfully wraps off their album.

The powerful song, which tackles transformation and finding purpose in suffering, highlights perseverance in the face of adversity and provides a moving analysis of the human condition.

The band explains: "This song is about a close friend of singer Troels. The friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but he refused to lay down and die. He is still alive and kicking that awful disease right in the face. The song is about unconditional love between friends and the lyrics take reference from Troels’ sons, who refuse understand the principle of young people dying. This song is a tribute to life."

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