Violetta: Nervous Tendencies

Nervous Tendencies is the debut single by new dark synthpop act Violetta under the eclectic Los Angeles label Dune Altar, succeeding their remix of Lovetta's Vuja De. Wyatt Oberholzer and Michael Walsh, once bandmates in hardcore punk outfits Chemical Fix and Fixation, underwent a notable evolution in their musical tastes, gravitating towards more electronic-based sounds. Bound by mutual excitement, the artists transitioned from their punk origins to focus on the realms of synthesized melodicism and rhythm.

Thematically, the band's sound delves into existential musings, exploring concepts of mortality, angst, sexuality, and more dredged from the profound recesses of the psyche.

The fresh track appears to inhabit a nocturnal realm, with an entrancing rhythm and an irresistibly melodic sway, as it finely encapsulates the urban tension, merging influences of new wave, darkwave and post punk with a contemporary flair.

Wyatt Oberholzer explains: "The song started as a 20-second loop that I came up with and brought to the band in that raw form. From there, we built upon that idea together in just one night. This was one of the first three songs we wrote for this project, and it didn’t feel right until months later, we decided to speed it up a touch. That led us to simplify the overall structure and completely re-track the vocals, at which point the song finally fell into place."

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