Scarcity: In The Basin Of Alkaline Grief

In The Basin Of Alkaline Grief is the new song and video unveiled off The Promise of Rain, the sophomore album by the experimental black metal band Scarcity, out June 12th, 2024 via The Flenser. 

Scarcity create a brand new atmosphere in The Promise of Rain through their striking guitar techniques and harmonious arpeggios, always coming forward with a type of unprocessed vulnerability which characterizes their edgy sound. It's the first Scarcity album to feature Tristan Kasten-Krause (Sigur Ros, Steve Reich, LEYA) on bass, Dylan Dilella (Pyrrhon) on guitar, and Lev Weinstein (Krallice) on drums, together with the band's core of Brendon Randall-Myers and Doug Moore. Departing from the dense, quasi-orchestral arrangements of their previous, very well received full length, Aveilut, the band opted for a different direction, capturing the raw energy of five musicians in a room. Most of The Promise of Rain was recorded in just one or two takes, emphasizing spontaneity and immediacy in the group's music-making process.

The lyrics for The Promise of Rain were inspired by a trip Moore took to the high deserts of southern Utah in 2023. The artist explains: “To thrive in the desert is an act of abnegation -- you do right by the land and receive its gifts, or it does away with you.” 

The most striking elements of Scarcity's heartfelt yet intense, edgy, and dynamic artistry lie in its exploration of existential themes and genuine openness. The upcoming album is anticipated to delve deeply into introspection and catharsis, exploring themes such as dispersion, collective burden-sharing, and the transformative power of shared experiences.

Photo by Caroline Harrison

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