THYMIAN returns with Kozmos, the newest single off the impending White Knuckled EP, which is scheduled for release on May 17th, 2024, and is co-produced with Philippe Laffer of Alterna Studios. The new track is a collaborative effort with Milena PatagĂ´nia, another artist who makes use of the Serbo-Croatian language in her productions, coming up with a pretty distinct result self-described with the imaginative and at the same time accurate term Post-Yugo-Wave.

The track marks a personal journey for THYMIAN, and becomes an expression of the healing mechanism for his recently diagnosed anxiety disorder, as well as a better grasp of his own self.

A mesmerizing blend of ethereal textures mixed with synthetic nuances gives rise to a composition characterized by a gradual intensification, reaching a climactic point where vocals meld seamlessly in harmonious unison. With its themes of growth and introspection firmly rooted, Kozmos resonates as both accessible and deeply sincere.

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