The Third Sound: Another Time, Another Place

Berlin-based psych post punk band The Third Sound, led by Hakon Adalsteinsson (The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Singapore Sling, the Anton Newcombe & Tess Parks band, Golden Hours), return with the announcement of their sixth studio album, Most Perfect Solitude. New single and video, Another Time, Another Place, is the first example off the impending full length.

Adalsteinsson comments on the new album: “After touring First Light’ heavily and releasing our Fuzz Club Session LP last year – a career-spanning, retrospective document in a way – this album feels like starting with a clean slate. There is a certain warmth to some of the songs that has not been there before, but they still flicker between light and shadows, kind of like a slow motion audio version of Brion Gysin‘s Dreamachine.

In Another Time, Another Place, The Third Sound immerse themselves fully in a psychedelic atmosphere, delivering a finely melodic sound. Their fusion of shoegaze and post punk elements is really well integrated, resulting in a vibrant and refined composition.

With the introduction of a fresh lineup for The Third Sound, the latest record sees Adalsteinsson (guitar, vocals) and longstanding member and collaborator Robin Hughes (organ, guitar) teaming up with new additions Frankie Broek (drums) and Wim Janssens (bass) from Golden Hours.

Most Perfect Solitude will be released from Fuzz Club Records on April 26th, 2024 digitally, and on May 17th on CD and vinyl.

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