Russian Baths: Split

Split is the first single from the new album, Mirror by Russian Baths, slated for release on June 14th, 2024, through Good Eye Records. The song was produced and mixed by Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, Activity, Stuy) and mastered by Sarah Register (Protomartyr, Kim Gordon, Wye Oak), and it embodies the band's signature fusion of post punk, shoegaze, and goth elements.

With its chilling ambiance and evocative lyrics drawn from the tumultuous outlook of 2024, Split works as a poignant reminder that the echoes of the past persist in the present, with themes touching on the uncertain nature of identity and existence.

On Split the band shares: "People copy people. People are copies of people. People avoid their reflections. People are reflections of other people. People don’t look at people unless they really want to, even if you give them money."

Building upon the great reception of their very good debut album, Deepfake, Russian Baths go deeper into thought-provoking themes with an impressive level of artistic finesse. The initial offering from their forthcoming sophomore record suggests a promising continuation of their artistry, hinting at an exciting release.

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