Knives: Headcase

Following the release of the earworming Doppelgänger, Knives return with their newest track, Headcase, offering another glimpse into their upcoming sophomore EP, What We See In Their Eyes.

Through the new track, the six-member Bristol-based band explores the core of punk and its significance, with an aberrant fusion of post punk, hardcore punk, rap, and noise elements sparking a frenzy and offering vast amounts of energy before culminating in a surprising operatic instrumental outro which serves as a bold artistic move, encapsulating Knives' unique take on punk ideology.

The second single, Headcase, is about this new age punk movement of people that think they’re living this carefree lifestyle, going around terrorising places, being loud and brash when truly that isn’t a true reflection of what punk is within the modern day,” the band reveals. “One of the original lyrics we wrote was “a punk could be a man in a suit and tie, not just a man with head tatts, braces, and a crooked smile”. The final lyrics came from a moment where we were in a pub and watched someone vocalise how he was a punk, but also in the same night was smashing glasses and demanding the bartender to bring him drinks to the table, which we believe to be not very punk.

Knives also comment on the EP in its entirety: “The EP as a whole, the title “What We See In Their Eyes” is a reflection of the emotions we’ve felt when looking at or speaking to the people that we’ve written these songs about. The lyrics are meant to place the listener in these shoes, looking at someone you despise in the face and thinking about what you wish you could say to them.” 

Band photo courtesy of Bark PR

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