HEAR ME OUT: Borderlands

HEAR ME OUT is an emergent, animated queer ensemble established in 2021, championing a robust DIY ethos for their artistry. Sonically rooted in the expansive domain of post punk, the band finely incorporates elements from neighboring genres.

Their lyrical narratives explore personal struggles and evolution, combining moody guitar melodies and atmospheric synthesizers with a knack for exploration.

Borderlands is the band's spirited and danceable opening track from their debut EP, Permanent Thoughts. The song blends lively percussion, an infectious bass groove, and poignant guitar lines to a rather forceful mixture. With the lyrics written by Lizzy, the band's vocalist, the track reflects the artist's contemplations during a university lecture on migration, offering a critical perspective on the concept of nations as artificial concepts, while expressing empathy towards those compelled to leave their homelands.

Band photos by Malte Michels

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