Knives: Doppelgänger

From Bristol, post punk outfit Knives presents their latest track, Doppelgänger, a forceful single which goes deep into a weighty theme, showcases the band's dynamic style, and offers a fresh perspective on punk. Knives have fearlessly dived emerged into the UK alternative scene, and continue to build on their early reputation with Doppelgänger bravely confronting the ongoing issue of homophobia within the music industry.

Drummer Erin Cook comments on the new single: “There are multiple instances of artists capitalising off of the queer community, while simultaneously fans only accepting queer icons if they’re deemed as ‘good enough’. In addition, on a more personal level, we’ve had experiences with people that preach about LGBTQ+ rights, yet also spout casual homophobia. We’ve seen so many instances of people not showing their true colours, which inspired the lyric “who is the man behind the mask?

Knives' forthcoming EP, What We See In Their Eyes, draws inspiration from their frustration with certain individuals in Bristol who challenge the city's renowned friendly reputation. Acting as a reflection of that idea, the EP offers listeners a glimpse into the perspective of the discontented.

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