Whippets: Ice

Ice serves as the second single release from the self-titled first full length by Whippets, expected out on June 7th, 2024 under No Coast Records. The band comprises a powerful trio with Bobby Hussy on guitar and vocals, Tyler Spatz on bass, and Hart Alan Miller on drums.

Ice is a super gritty garage rocker enhanced with psychedelic elements and a grunge rock tone, firmly situating the band's sound within the heavier realm of the underground music spectrum.

Sharp guitars, abundant fuzziness, and pulsating energy, combined with hooky basslines and all around skillful songwriting, culminate in a boldly venturous heavy rock piece. Despite its seemingly monochromatic aesthetic, the song exudes a memorable and multifaceted quality, overflowing with a kaleidoscopic array of sonic features.

Bobby Hussy, known for his work with his band The Hussy alongside Heather Sawyer (Proud Parents, Heather The Jerk), has an extensive musical background, and contributed to bands such as Digital Leather, Cave Curse, Fire Heads, while he currently collaborates with Wristwatch and TIT. Tyler Spatz has also been part of The Hussy as well as of Cave Curse and Yuka Zolo, and presently records and performs with Poney and Wristwatch. Hart Miller has played drums for Tenement, MDC and Wartorn.

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