Normal Weirds: Shallow Grave

Punk / deathrock band, Normal Weirds, based in the San Francisco East Bay area, have recently released their debut album, Same Difference. The band's edgy sound consummately blends gritty and heavy elements, incorporating raw, dynamic, and infectious riffs as well as well crafted lyrics.

Album highlight, Shallow Grave, is a three-minute burst of deathrock energy and unfiltered rawness. The song introduces an intriguing concept which weaves into a larger narrative. It focuses on the transformation of Justin Harlow, the band's vocalist and bassist, into a figurative zombie after the veil was lifted from his eyes, indicating his unchaining from a dark past.

The distinctive storytelling abilities in the songwriting of Normal Weirds, coupled with their overall dark and gloomy sound and edgy style, contribute to a compelling version of heavy and hard hitting post punk which immediately fascinates.

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