GREH: Thy Breath Not Mine

German blackened death doom metal band, GREH, reemerge with their newest composition, Thy Breath Not Mine, a rather profound and shadowy piece inspired by a brush with mortality. The song will be part of the group's forthcoming album, Dysphoric Devotion, slated for release in winter 2024.

Thy Breath Not Mine recounts an episode which occurred at night during sleep, where death nearly prevailed due to a pulmonary embolism. The narrative plunges into the harrowing struggle between life and death within that dark moment, ultimately climaxing in the profound epiphany of nothingness and its entrancing magnetism. 

It's an overall evocative piece of extreme metal darkness which showcases the upcoming band's ability to craft an expressive sound which brings a few heavy styles together, resonating with existential contemplation.

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