Mutes: Televangelist

Televangelist is the latest track from Birmingham-based post punk band, Mutes. Clocking in at just a bit over two minutes, the song encapsulates an existential breakdown with driving, motorik-inspired rhythms. It is a preview of the band's forthcoming fourth album, ...buried where you stand, set to arrive on May 17th, 2024, through No Sound Records. 

Televangelist is an energetic and gritty piece which straddles the line between guitar-driven alternative and punk, pulsating with raw vitality.

Providing insight into the lyrical depth of Televangelist, the band reveals: “Theological projections of an irresolute agnostic; torn between clinging to the assuaging hand of statism and laying waste to internalised idolatry. Catholic guilt is one hell of a trip.

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