Ride: Last Frontier

Last Frontier is the second single reveal off the anticipated Interplay, the impending album by Ride, releasing on March 29th, 2024 via Wichita Recordings / PIAS. The song follows the previously unveiled Peace Sign.

Andy Bell comments on Last Frontier: “This was the runt of the litter of the very first jam session from Mark’s OX4 Studio, and I didn’t even include it on my shortlist of the best tracks. It was our producer, Richie Kennedy, who saw the potential of the song, and we attacked this with a vengeance at Vada studio. A complete revamp of the backing track and arrangement was needed and we took it right back to basics, more towards a pounding Joy Division feel.

For the topline, I tried improvising at the mic, singing it all different ways, and coming up with new parts on the spot. I felt really exposed but kind of said to myself, ‘you’re among friends, it’s good to push yourself to try new ways to write.’ It feels different to every vocal I’ve ever done. It’s still a new way of working for me but it’s something I want to continue trying as I think it makes for better vocal lines; a good mixture of written and improvised.

Photo by Cal McIntryre

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