Lemongrab: Winter Deprimiert

Winter Deprimiert is the first single off the latest album, I spy with my little eye, by Lemongrab, a punk band originally from Montreal but now based in Berlin. The group has been gaining a reputation for their energetic live performances and their blend of intense yet playful songwriting. 

The song marks Lemongrab's first German-language release, written in February 2023. It delves into the emotions associated with winter depression, expressing the gloomy atmosphere of Berlin's perpetually gray skies and the frustration of feeling stuck. Departing from their usual warm garage tones, the track explores colder post punk elements, incorporating a rough and heavy eighties punk influence.

In contrast to their typical straightforward style, Lemongrab take a darker direction on their new offering which appears to be characterized by intricate arrangements and harsh noises which mirror the turmoil of a descending psyche.

Photo by Joel Ivan Thomas

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