Fjerstad: Sado/Maso

Chad Fjerstad is a composer and producer originally from Minnesota, currently residing in Los Angeles. The artist has been releasing cinematic scores under his full name and dynamic electronica under his surname. Additionally, he is recognized as the frontman of the well regarded minimal wave duo More Ephemerol, and has a history as the bassist for a few great bands such as Dead To Fall, The Primals, and VR SEX.

With Sado/Maso, Fjerstad makes a return with his first original track since the debut album of the project in 2019. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian techno and acknowledging influence from industrial rock bands of the mid-to-late 90s such as Pitchshifter, Gravity Kills, and Lunatic Calm, the song reflects a diverse palette, and sounds gritty, moody and hard hitting from end to end.

The track will be part of the upcoming album, Promiscuous Sects, which promises to bring together an EP's worth of original material, remixes, and oddities.

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