ILUITEQ x Lorenzo Montanà: Noesi

Noesi is the opening track of the joint album Katà Métron by ILUITEQ and Lorenzo Montanà. The collaborative full length between the Italian ambient duo and the producer from Bologna is inspired by Greek Mythology.

ILUITEQ's expansive ambient compositions take center stage within the new album, and become intertwined with Montanà's lively atmosphere, resulting in a moody and fascinating sound.

The album's title derives from a Greek phrase meaning "according to the right measure," and embodies the idea of living in harmony with both one another and the natural world; a poignant reminder given humanity's current state of unrest.

Scheduled for release on March 8th, 2024 by the reliable electronica label n5MD, Katà Métron promises an immersive experience as indicated by the tracks which come ahead of the full release.

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