Totally Slow: Future Burns

Preparing for the release of their fourth album in total, the skate punk group Totally Slow introduces their latest melodic punk rocker, Future Burns, featuring backing vocals by Noelle Shuck from Shehehe. The new track is a preview of their upcoming second album under Ohio's Refresh Records, and comes with a great looking video directed and edited by Chuck Johnson

Guitarist and vocalist Scott Hicks describes the new song as "an existential field trip through the tortured mind of an omnipotent autocrat drowning under the weight of anxiety and obsolete tech.

The recent addition Eddie Sanchez (Night!Night!, Solar Halos, The Love Language) who has joined on bass, completes the current lineup of Totally Slow alongside Andy Foster, Chuck Johnson, and Scott Hicks. The band's straightforward punk rock blends hardcore, surf, and noise rock influences, infused with leftist political themes to create an energetic sound.

The band has performed alongside a range of artists, including Agent Orange, Laura Jane Grace, and Man or Astroman, among others.

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