Prisoner: Leaden Tomb

Prisoner, coming from Richmond, VA, is a formidable industrial metal/punk outfit with a rather heavy and imposing sound. Leaden Tomb, the first offering off PUTRID | OBSOLETE, the band's sophomore album, distinctly brings together industrial elements into their signature blend of metal, hardcore, and punk.

"Leaden Tomb was written to invoke a sense of disaster," Prisoner describe.  "A disaster that feels familiar but otherworldly all the same. The second half is meant to be overly mechanized; a machine savior that ultimately breaks down while destroying itself and everything else."

With a palpable sense of unrest and brutal vocals commanding attention amidst a body of crushing instrumentals, the track takes no prisoners, and raises the bar pretty high for what awaits on the forthcoming full length.

PUTRID | OBSOLETE will be out on March 15th, 2024, through Persistent Vision Records.

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