Boy With Apple: Good For You

Good For You marks the final single preceding the incoming debut album by Boy With Apple. True to the band's style, the song delves into intriguing themes, reflecting the sentimentality and profound concepts they often explore. The song is built on an atmospheric rhythm which has become the band's signature, and offers a fine sound complemented by lyrics which explore the assurance of love set side by side with self doubt, and a longing for admiration around feelings of being unconventional.

Boy With Apple's distinct sound is the result of the close bond shared among its four members; Saga, Zara, Tim, and Nils, who have been lifelong friends. This connection is integral to their ability to create something singular, resulting in a cohesive and engaging creative work.

Boy With Apple's debut full length, Attachment, will be out March 15th, 2024, from VÅRØ Records.

Photo by Christian Valenzuela Barrondo

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