Heavenly Blue: Static Voice Speaks to Static Me

The sound of Heavenly Blue, a septet hailing from Detroit, is characterized by the familiar interplay of harmony and discordance typically associated with screamo. They have shared stages with acts such as Frail Body, Venus Twins, Blind Girls, and Touché Amoré. Their first track, Certain Distance, was born from their association with Jeremy Bolm, the vocalist of Touché Amoré, and was released on a recent compilation on Bolm's label, Secret Voice Records.

Regarding Heavenly Blue's collaborative approach and its role in their path thus far, bassist Jon Riley says: “The title invokes an unquestionable certainty, yet without thinking about exactly who or what 'we' is, you may miss the point. The process of making this record involved a deeply collaborative process where every single member of the group put their whole selves into the music. The result is a statement I feel is deeply personal of what I want out of a record. Something loud and blistering, but hopefully still visceral.

Heavenly Blue showcases a more traditional structure in their impending album's single, Static Voice Speaks To Static Me which has just been unveiled.

Vocalist Mel Caren comments: "Static Voice was the first track I wrote on for Heavenly Blue. The band had sent me some Soundcloud playlists of demos and this one stood out to me right away. I used this song to discover my voice, as I had no idea before this project I was capable of anything but clean singing. I recorded myself with an iPhone and sent it over, feeling like I'd submitted an audition for the group, though it was never that formal. We call it the “pop banger” of the record, it has a more straightforward structure than a lot of our other stuff. We actually didn't finish a proper demo with both vocalists and a revised bridge until more than halfway through the process of recording WHTA, but to me, this song set the tone lyrically for the rest of the album.

Riley continues: "The origins for this song are when Mac had just moved in with me after working overseas for a few years. This was one of a few writing sessions we had during the height of the pandemic. We came to the decision to write something that sounded undeniably 90s screamo, was catchy like Knapsack or Jawbreaker, and had a more conventional song structure than some of our other songs. The result is maybe one of our favorite songs to play live."

We Have The Answer, Heavenly Blue's upcoming album, releases April 12th, 2024 through Secret Voice Records.

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