NIGHTSISTER: lost in a past life

Consistent with their run of solid standalone releases, NIGHTSISTER from Portland presents yet another somber and atmospheric track. lost in a past life delves into themes of regret, nostalgia, and the recognition that certain aspirations have not materialized.

The song's lyrics reflect on feeling trapped in a cycle of repeating past mistakes, with phrases like the album's very title, hinting at this very idea, and underscoring the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.

References to steering aimlessly, lacking ambition, and feeling directionless paint a picture of being unsettled and disoriented in life, while the imagery of a broken record and a skipped needle which are prominently mentioned in the lyrics, symbolizes being stuck in a repetitive loop.

Drawing from darkwave aesthetics, NIGHTSISTER's sound evokes the haunting grittiness of bands like Christinal Death, the distressing melancholy of Joy Division, and the contemporary originality of current underground darkwave.

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