THYMIAN: Sentimental

Darkwave artist THYMIAN unveils a vibrant synthpop creation in the form of the latest single, Sentimental. The track is the first offering from a series of collaborative releases with Philippe Laffer of Alterna Studios.

THYMIAN has wholeheartedly embraced the notion of pursuing what feels authentic, producing music which genuinely resonates with his mature self. Sentimental, through its composition and structure, exudes a pop sensibility which complements the artist's dark yet danceable synthpop aesthetic.

THYMIAN continues to prominently feature his distinct baritone vocals in his new work, together with strummed guitars, and melodic synthesizers, all of which have become defining elements of his musical style. Notably, the track incorporates a saxophone solo by Ferran Gorrea, adding an extra layer of lushness to its overall sentimentality and wistful nature.

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