Modern English: Not My Leader

Modern English will be releasing their new album, 1 2 3 4, on February 23rd, 2024. Following the singles Long in the Tooth and Crazy Lovers, the band has unveiled another harbinger of the incoming full length, the politically charged, Not My Leader.

Vocalist Robbie Grey describes Not My Leader as a sharp and critical commentary on politics in both the US and the UK, highlighting the notable similarities between the two.

I remember first coming to America in the early-’80s,” Grey recalls. “We had Margaret Thatcher, and you had Ronald Reagan. And then fast forward to today to Donald Trump and all the politicians and corporate organizations that have followed — along with their corruption and greed. It’s the same thing 40 years later, really. It’s the same old shit that makes the ordinary person feel sick. "Not My Leader" is a song against those people.

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