Virgin Prunes: Sweethome Under White Clouds // 2024 Remix by Apparition

Legendary Irish goth post punks, Virgin Prunes, prepare for the reissue release of their compilation album, A New Form Of Beauty. The new version of the record is accompanied by a series of brand new remixes from the band’s frontman Gavin Friday, and Apparition.

In its original form, Sweethome Under White Clouds is a somber and nostalgic folk-influenced post punk track. Apparition and Gavin Friday have reimagined the song, giving it an electronic base and a sorrowful vibe with trip-hop elements.

A New Form of Beauty was recorded in 1981 and produced by the band itself. It includes the tracks of the first four parts of what was a five-part, mixed-format project with Rough Trade Records. Part 1 was a 7” record, Part 2 was a 10”, Part 3 was a 12”; all recorded between July and October 1981. Part 4 was Din Glorious, released as an audio cassette, a recording of extracts of a live event on November 8th, 1981 at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin. Part 5 and 6 were to be a film of Performance, Exhibition, Event staged at the Douglas Hyde Gallery on 7th and 8th of November 1981. 

The 3LP deluxe edition features all four parts remastered from original tape in a tri-fold reverse board sleeve deluxe package with a 16-page 11” deluxe artbook containing brand new sleevenotes by Jon Wood and original Guggi drawings. The 2CD and digital deluxe editions all feature remastered audio with the aforementioned new remixes and tape loop mashup by Apparition and Gavin.

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