Cor De Lux: Media

North Carolina-based emerging band, Cor De Lux, skillfully melds post punk and dreampop influences, along with other nearby genres, presenting a gripping fusion merged with interesting philosophical themes. Their 2023 album, Media, encapsulates the emotions stemming from the lockdown experience, media congestion, and the prevailing uncertainty about the future. The album's post punk energy is driven by genuine emotional evolution, as the songs were organically crafted through jams with minimal guidance, allowing for a natural progression.

Throughout the album, a predominant sense of uncertainty permeates, yet, a subtle undercurrent of excitement arises, with the band demonstrating a strong ability to traverse genres and produce a genuine sound of their own.

Highlighted tracks like the dreampop oriented, Rumors, a poignant narrative of friendship loss, showcase Cor De Lux's songwriting dexterity. The song comes with an amazing psychedelic animated video created by Matt Smithson

The more post punk fueled, Syncopated, characteristic of the tumultuous period during which it was conceived, expresses a lot of nerviness, emphasizing the challenge of overcoming disagreements to connect at a more profound level.

Currently, Cor De Lux are in the process of putting together new material.

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