Vægtløs: Her i vores hjerter bærer vi en ny verden

Vægtløs are a heavy post metal band from Denmark which has recently released their poignant full length, Aftryk. The release seamlessly integrates the weightiness of the music with a substantial thematic concept, drawing inspiration from individuals connected to the band who either passed away or battled grave illnesses.

Her i vores hjerter bærer vi en ny verden brings forward a pitch dark intensity, blending black metal ferocity and post hardcore sensibilities. The song displays emotional commotion, unraveled in ten intense minutes.

The lyrics focus on the personal story of vocalist, Troels, dealing with his aunt's struggles with alcoholism; a challenging condition, particularly for a younger person to comprehend. The song serves as both a vehement turndown of the disease, and an attempt to understand the dark complexities surrounding it.

"We are all connected and we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders," the band mentions. "Be kind to people you meet."

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