Night! Night!: Suicide City

Night! Night! is a noise rock band hailing from Carrboro, NC, featuring members from groups such as Mega Colossus, Solar Halos, Geeked, Dinner 1933, and Swordmasters of Ginaz. Their sound seamlessly blends elements from the realms of noise rock, post hardcore, and metal, creating a kind of magnetic intensity.

The band's latest EP, Suicide City, released through Boared to Death Records, is a solid representation of that forceful and punchy style, marked by intricacy, and an unapologetic lack of restraint.

The titular track, Suicide City, stands out as a hardcore-infused dark piece reminiscent of the raw energy pioneered by bands like Jesus Lizard and Murder City Devils. Clocking in at a succinct two minutes, the song unleashes a relentless assault characterized by punk ethos and an uproar of shambolic energy. It portrays a band which holds nothing back, delivering a ferocious statement.

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