Vivienne Cure: Barricade

Vivienne Cure's new single, Barricade, focuses on the enigmatic realm of ritualistic self-sabotage, immersing into a dimly lit fringe of haunting sounds and emotions. With a dynamic delivery, Cure emerges in the midst of a flowing industrial hard rock landscape, blending styles from the dark and heavy realms of alternative rock.

Hailing from the UK, Cure is a musician and a visual artist, bringing together elements of gothic rock, post punk, doom metal, and guitar-driven rock.

My collection of musical works lay at the centre of a vortex of swirling fragments of deeply personal memories driven by my inner war and reaction to society’s underlying sadness,” Cure comments. 

Barricade is a haunting journey into the depths of Cure's artistic essence, a piece which gracefully goes through the shadows of self-discovery, and dares to confront the truths one holds within. 

The song comes with an atmospheric music video, featuring art direction by Vivienne Cure, and matching the song's weightiness and overall fervor.

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